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 The Official Xbox360Modz board rules

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The Official Xbox360Modz board rules Empty
PostSubject: The Official Xbox360Modz board rules   The Official Xbox360Modz board rules EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 4:13 am

These are the Official Xbox360Modz board rules . Please obey all of the rules, and report those that break the rules. Read them carefully.

1. Flaming - Flaming is not allowed in any section of the site except the Flamer. Any flaming outside of the Flamer will result in immediate disciplinary action.Any incessant flaming of a member will result in the warning(infraction/banning of any participating member. Flaming of any staff will result in immediate disciplinary actions.

2. Racism - Racism will not be tolerated. You will be infracted without warning and possibly ban.

3. Spamming - Spamming is defined as posting in a thread that is not conductive to the topic on hand, and going off and not posting on [the] topic in anyway. Double posting is considered spam as well, and can result in disciplinary action

3b. Bumping- Bumping is allowed to be used to revive a thread once per day,or when it falls off of the first page. All bump posts will be merged/deleted once the thread is active again.

4. Scamming - Is 100% not tolerated. Any scamming accusation will be investigated and an appropriate outcome will be determined based on the evidence put forth.

Scamming is defined as any member trying to get information or XBL or any other item/good from another member of Xbox360Modz and obtaining them under false pretenses and offering no restitution to the member that the item/account/gold came from; stealing from another member of Xbox360Modz with intent to deceive another member.

Only result is a PERMANENT BAN from Xbox360Modz.

5. Multiple Accounts - In the registration pages, it is stated that the creation of multiple accounts are not allowed for any member. Any member found to have multiple accounts are subject to the disciplinary actions found and deemed appropriate to the site.


Any Member having more than one account will be found. The staff has their way tracking those with multiple accounts. \

1st Offense: All accounts banned, main temp banned for 7 days.
2nd Offense: All accounts banned, main temp banned for 10 days.
3rd Offense: Permanently Banned

6. Attacking the Site - Any user or member of the site that has been banned will be eliminated. It will be done at the leisure of the staff. *Warning has been added due to recent issues with former members of the site.

7. Drama - Keep it to yourselves. There is no need at all to bring your drama onto the forums, exception is the Flamer. Either keep it to yourself, take it to the Private Messages (PM), or even better yet, off of the site (MSN, AIM, SKYPE), always remember the Flamer. It is not necessary to bring drama on the forums.

8. Nudity - The site does not have permission from the host site to post nudity or images containing nudity. All private areas must be censored, or tastefully/tactically covered.

9. Harassment - Is not tolerated not 1 bit, if i find any bit of harassment from either staff or members, I'll guarantee you guys will not be allowed on this site, 0 Tolerance level.

10. Warez are not allowed - Warez, or ripped off programs worth a value, are no longer allowed on any part of Xbox360Modz. You may accept Warez privately, yet at your own dispense.

Possible Actions if you fail to follow the rules:
Deletion of accounts

All rules are subject to change and the disciplinary actions and measures may be changed by the staff at any time, and without warning. They are posted, so you cannot use the excuse that there are really no rules posted.

Remember to obey these rules at all times, failure to do so will not end well.
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The Official Xbox360Modz board rules
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