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 Red Dead Redemption Levels

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Red Dead Redemption Levels Empty
PostSubject: Red Dead Redemption Levels   Red Dead Redemption Levels EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 8:18 pm

i Know this Isn't To Do with Modding But Many People Keep Asking Me What Do You get for Each Level,, Iv'e been Taking Notes & i Have The Answer.

2- Repeater Carbine
3- Throwing knives
4- Lusitano Nag (mount)
5- Volcanic Pistol
8-Winchester Repeater and Turkmen(mount)
9- Schofield Revolver
11-Pump Action Shotty
13-Springfield Rifle
17-Double Action Revolver
18-Sawed Off Shotgun
20-Rolling Block Rifle
22-Fire Bottle and Cleveland Bay(mount)
24-Semi Auto Pistol
26-Semi Auto Shotty
28-Carcano Rifle
32-Henry Repeater
33-Hungarian Half Bred
35-High Power Pistol
37-Double Barrel
40-Bolt Action Rifle and American Standard-bred
43-Evans Repeater
46-LeMat Revolver
49-Mauser Pistol
50 Buffalo Rifle and Bonzo.(The Bull)

Legendary Mounts
Legend 1 lvl50 Buffalo
Legend 2 lvl50 Albino Buffalo
Legend 3 lvl50 Super Bull
Legend4 lvl50 Zebra Donkey

I Do Understand that This Looks Confusing;
The Hugarain Half Bred- Best Stamina
The American Standard-bred- Fasted Horse
Zebra Donkey or Zonkey- Secound Fasted but Fasted off Road (By Far)
Bulls Also arn't Effect by Off Road Speed.

Many Thanks Luke
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Red Dead Redemption Levels
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